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Osprey Daylite Review

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An Osprey Daylite Review – Is A Daypack Enough For A Trip?

Not all trips require a large number of items. This is especially true when it comes to one-day road trips or short hikes through forests. In situations such as these, getting a regular backpack may seem pointless, as it would be empty for the most part.

Daypacks are designed to cater to the needs of those who simply want enough space to keep their water, a few snacks, a compass, and a map. Most daypack models usually feature one compartment that can sometimes be restrictive in terms of size.

This having been said, the Osprey Daylite does come with a couple of features that are not usually found in daypacks.


  • Durable and safe – the daypack is made of nylon and will protect its contents from water even during heavy rain;
  • Versatile design – the model comes with two side pockets made from stretch mesh that can be used to store water bottles and other items that may be used often;
  • Well-organized – the front pocket features a mesh organizer and a key clip that will help keep things in their proper place at all times;
  • Comfortable to wear – the back panel is made from die-cut foam and covered with mesh in order to make it comfortable to wear even for extended periods of time;
  • Multifunctional hydration pocket – The daypack’s hydration pocket can easily be used as a laptop sleeve or to store a tablet;
  • High compatibility – the daypack can be worn as is, or it can be attached to a large number of Osprey packs, such as the Farpoint 80, the Porter Series, and many more;


  • Simple and durable – The daypack design is extremely durable due to the fact that it has few moving parts. They Daylite in particular has a few more features when compared with other models in its class, however, it is just as durable;
  • Laptop sleeve – The ability to carry a laptop in such a small backpack is always extremely useful;


  • Laptop sleeve – The sleeve used to store the laptop is actually a hydration sleeve, and as a result, it does not have enough padding to properly protect an electronic device should the daypack fall or be accidentally dropped on the ground;

A multipurpose backpack for everyday use

The size of the daypack also makes it useful in day-to-day life. It can be worn by teenagers to school, or it can be simply used as a personal backpack to keep things that the owner may need during the course of a day. Those who commute will find it equally useful, as it is light, comfortable, and it offers just enough room for a laptop and a few other items.

As for the build quality itself, the backpack will last for a long time. The seams and zipper are well made and will not break even if the daypack is loaded to full capacity and carried for very long periods of time.


Overall, the Daylite daypack from Osprey is extremely useful to have in any situation. Although the daypack’s waist belt is not padded and may seem uncomfortable, it’s important to keep in mind that this model is only 11L, and as a result, it will rarely be heavy enough to warrant its use.

While it is useful in its own right, those who also own a compatible fully-fledged backpack will get the most use out of it, as it can be attached to one of its larger counterparts while on the road and used stand-alone at the destination. Though it will be just as useful around town.


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