Best Travel Backpacks

The Best Travel Backpacks That’ll Help You See the World

Traveling is one of the most enjoyable ways to spend a holiday or a weekend, however, a bit of planning is required in order to ensure that you have a great experience. While things such as accommodation and transportation can be easily handled by doing a bit of research online, choosing the right equipment can be more difficult.

The travel gear that you use can help you better organize your things, protect them from water and dust, and ensure that you will have important objects such as a water bottle or your phone at hand. However, the most important function of a backpack should be to protect you from the weight of what you’re carrying.

Finding the best travel backpacks on the market can enable you to carry heavy loads, with little effort, all while protecting your spine and back muscles.

Why is getting one of the best travel backpacks important

Backpacks are generally designed to help us carry weight more easily, across large distances. Some are better compartmentalized, some are waterproof, and there are even some that come with built-in portable batteries to charge your phone or tablet.

While high-quality travel backpacks may be more expensive, they are also much more useful than entry-level models. Well-designed backpacks are built to support the spine, evenly distributing the weight across the shoulders and the back.

These models also better organized than cheaper travel backpacks, allowing owners to make use of customizable dividers and pockets that are specially designed for various electronics.

Depending on how you want to use it and how many things you need to store in your backpack, you may be able to choose a model that comes with metal rods meant to keep your back straight and memory foam that will take the shape of your body.

What to look for in a quality travel backpack

There are a few things that you should keep in mind when looking to buy a quality travel backpack:

  • Size – Naturally, the first thing that you have to establish before making a purchase is how big you want the backpack to be. Make a list of the things that you need to carry with you and consider how much they weigh. Always make sure that you have enough space for everything you need as well as for a few other things that you may pick up while on the road;
  • Durability – A travel backpack should be tough enough to endure the elements while also protecting everything stored inside. Pay attention to all of the components that could degrade over time, from straps to seams, handles, and even zippers;
  • Anti-theft design – If you plan on filling the backpack and going on a trip, remember that you may not be able to tell if someone is trying to open one of the smaller zippers and steal anything. Look for travel backpacks that have anti-theft systems. Some manufacturers “bury” the zippers so that they can only be properly opened while stationary, while others hide them under folds of material;

Buying guide

Now that we have established what the more important characteristics of a quality travel backpack are, let’s look at how to choose one that will suit your needs:

  • Consider how it fits – It goes without saying that even the best backpack on the market will not help you carry huge loads if you cannot physically lift it up and keep it on your back. However, if you find one that properly fits over your back and shoulders, you should be able to prevent chaffing and sores that may appear over time. It is usually better to get one that is as wide as your shoulders and tall enough to reach from the back of your head to your lower back. Anything bigger may restrict your movement;
  • Get one with an organized interior – You should always look for well-compartmentalized backpacks in order to prevent the items stored inside from hitting against each other while moving. If you need more space, you can look for models that come with movable dividers, essentially enabling the owner to set up the interior to suit his needs;
  • Back support – Look for models that come with foam padding designed to protect your back, hip belts, and metal supports. These will keep your spine in a correct position and prevent back injuries that may appear after wearing it for long periods of time;

Get a backpack that will allow you to focus on other things

Finding the best travel backpacks for you may take some time, however, doing so will guarantee that you get a piece of equipment that will last you for several years and will be comfortable to wear regardless of how much you fill it up.